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Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport would be first in line to tell you all about Terell Johnson’s deep-rooted virtue of loyalty.  Joining the United States Marine Corps, Johnson proudly served our country and completed missions alongside a band of brothers for four years.  The same aspects of brotherhood, pride, and commitment that went hand-in-hand with completing military missions transitioned with him as he began his trucking missions.

Johnson, who drove trucks in the Marine Corps, now drives with equal dedication as a veteran for Hansen & Adkins.

Johnson was selected by Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport to be honored at the 2022 Mid-America Trucking Show to display his truck on the 20,000-square-foot showroom floor.

“It was actually my first time attending, and I got the opportunity to talk with a lot of others and to talk about how trucking changed the lives of other veterans.”

Terell Johnson

The Veterans In Trucking Showcase provided a powerful and moving backdrop for Hansen & Adkins to show their appreciation for Johnson’s service.

“It was great to see trucking companies invested time in veteran’s equipment and supporting veterans at the show.”

As the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show draws near, Hansen & Adkins is proud to announce Terell Johnson has been chosen again to be honored at the show.

“We chose Terell to represent Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport because he is everything that any company would love to have in an employee. Terell’s coworkers look up to him as a leader. He is a professional and is always willing to help anyone. Terell has formed a great bond with our customers as well.”

Director of Recruiting, Tommy Valenzuela

Johnson dreamed of being in the military and driving trucks when he was a child. He’s continuing to fulfill those dreams as a loyal veteran driver.

“We are proud to have Terell represent Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport as our representative for Veterans In Trucking. We know that his strong work and professional ethics were instilled in him as he proudly served our country as a United States Marine.”

Learn more about veteran driver Terell Johnson in the video below.