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    We band together. The military is the biggest family in the United States. We’re all brothers and sisters.

    DabbsTruck Driver & U.S. Veteran, Sunset Logistics

    We love to be a part of this program. ACT supports our veterans through a variety of programs through recognition and training programs. This truck has shown in a visible way how much we are grateful for our Vets and the sacrifices they made to support our country. It has led to many conversations, and as a result, hires.

    Josh MeccaDirector of Recruiting, American Central Transport

    Invest in veterans not to do them a favor. - They are actually doing you a favor with the invaluable qualities they bring to the workforce.

    I’m proud to have served, I love my country, and I love what I’m doing now, trying to move freight back and forth across the country

    CaldwellTruck Driver & U.S. Marine Veteran, CRST