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Waypoint Vets Outdoors is dedicated to providing outdoor experiences such as camping, fishing, and hunting to help veterans cope with the challenges they face. These trips help veterans form new bonds, overcome physical and mental obstacles, and experience the joys of the great outdoors. 

Meet Lore Harmon, A Voice for Veterans

The organization’s Operations Manager and expert chef, Lore Harmon, works to honor veterans and drive Waypoint Vets mission forward. Her contributions to the organization have made a significant impact on vets, providing them with the fuel and hope they need to take on their outdoor adventures and back out into life.

In addition to her volunteer work with Waypoint Vets Outdoors, Lore also acts as the organization’s Ops Manager. Lore’s passion for veterans and her dedication to using her skills to help others make her a true inspiration to those around her– Lore’s commitment to helping others through her volunteer work with Waypoint Vets Outdoors have made her a true asset to the organization and a role model.

Food is Love

Lore’s culinary skills and attention to detail ensure that each meal is both delicious and nutritious. She takes the time to plan each meal, taking into account the specific dietary requirements of each veteran, ensuring that every meal is balanced and meets their nutritional needs. Food is enjoyed family style– served with sides of laughter, and her meals have become a highlight of each trip.

Lore’s contributions to Waypoint Vets Outdoors have not gone unnoticed. Her selflessness and commitment to helping others have made a significant impact on the veterans and have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers and the community.

Her organizational and culinary skills ensure that every trip she helps plan, every meal she helps prepare, provides the veterans with the fuel and hope they need to tackle their outdoor adventures. Lore’s contributions to the organization are a testament to her commitment to helping others and her dedication to making a difference.