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Getting back into a truck after serving in the United States Navy was a full-circle experience for veteran Ervin Bacon.  

Bacon first started driving at 21 and spent a little over a year experiencing the country from behind the wheel of his truck before deciding to join the service.

Bacon quickly discovered that being a truck driver before enlisting was an advantage. His problem-solving skills and exposure to different people and places while out on the road helped with a smooth transition to military life.   

“When I went into boot camp it was easier for me because I had been out in the real world.  I had been to Canada and all over the place even before I had been in the Navy so it wasn’t a shock for me to leave home.”

Bacon served for four years, gaining new skillsets and experiences while working on submarines.  Once out of the Navy, Bacon resumed his adventures behind the wheel.

Despite its freedoms, the open road takes a similar level of discipline and commitment he experienced while in the Navy.    

“Just like the captain of a ship – you have to take full responsibility for something as a driver.  You’re out there by yourself running the whole show.  Everything falls on your shoulders when you are out there.”

Bacon has been trucking for over 30 years and currently drives for the Bennett Motor Express’s Heavy Haul and Specialized division.

He’s proud to continue his service to our country as a hazmat-endorsed driver and frequently delivers ammunition and explosives to military bases.  His experience with Bennett Motor Express reminds him of his time spent in the service. The military is a brotherhood and Bacon has found similarities driving for Bennett Motor Express.    

“It’s one big family, just like in the military.  A lot of places, it’s not like that.”

Bennett Motor Express is proud to announce Ervin Bacon’s custom-wrapped rig will be displayed at the Veterans In Trucking Showcase during the Mid-America Trucking Show.