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The Veteran’s Club is a non-profit organization aimed at connecting veterans with useful resources and each other. While finding a real connection can be difficult on a regular day, the COVID-19 situation has added a new level of difficulty to fostering a sense of community. 

“Isolation is a killer in the veteran community,” Veteran’s Club Founder and CEO Jeremy Harrell said. “It’s something we fight every single day.”

Isolation can be particularly difficult for veterans dealing with PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues, so Veteran’s Club typically hosts events encouraging veterans to meet and connect with each other. But in light of the recent pandemic, Veteran’s Club is trying to use every platform possible to keep veterans connected virtually. 

“When that social distancing directive came out, although I do agree with it, I was worried that that would be misinterpreted from veterans saying, ‘I can’t be around anybody, I can’t stay connected’,” Harrell said.

“When I created Veteran’s Club, this is what it was about,” Harrell said. “It was about coming together in crisis and having people that you can rely on and totally understand the issues that veterans face that maybe some people don’t understand.”

Their biggest platform is their Facebook page, which was previously used to announce upcoming events, but now serves as a place for daily interaction between its veteran members. If you are a veteran struggling, or you just want to connect with the Veteran’s Club, click here for more information.


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