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A former elementary school building in Michigan will soon be converted into temporary housing for veterans in need. 

 22 2 None is a nonprofit organization aimed at stopping “the inconceivable number of veterans who take their own lives by reaching out, searching for, and supporting those who have sacrificed themselves both physically and mentally for this country, and now fight a daily inner battle with demons no one can see.” With this mission in mind, 22 2 None plans to buy the former South Boardman Elementary school and the surrounding 15 acres in Fife Lake, Michigan, and convert the property into a series of 1 bedroom apartments and community areas in order to create a safe space for local veterans in need. 

“We’re getting the whole school on 15 acres, the BATA bus goes out there, the parking lots out there, the septic, the wells,” said treasurer Chris Greening to 9 & 10 News.

“We can hold events there, it’s got the gym, it’s got the parking lot, there’s areas where we could do a veterans movie night,” said vice president Ray McDaniel. “There’s nothing really in Northern Michigan that would offer housing to veterans basically free of charge for them to come in and help them get back on their feet again. The possibilities are endless for what can happen with this.”

Once converted, the former elementary school should be able to accommodate up to 12 veterans and their families at a time. 

“Creating a community with this housing project is good, we all miss that sense of camaraderie from when we were in and serving next to another guy or girl,” said McDaniel.

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