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It takes more than time to heal Vietnam warrior wounds

As part of Veterans In Trucking’s Freedom Isn’t Free series, we are sharing a story that was recently told to this reporter at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

“We had a suicide pact. But when it came to be his turn… I couldn’t.”

They were just kids, these soldiers that had been drafted into a war in the jungles of Vietnam, but they knew the seriousness of what could happen. 

Brad Riley stands weeping beside me as he traces the faint outlines of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall that stands as a silent reminder of those that gave their lives.

“He lost both his legs. I was on the helicopter that brought him in; I knew what I promised, but I couldn’t do it.”

“When he woke up. They told him he lost both his legs. He had a heart attack.”

Riley wipes tears away with an old-fashioned white handkerchief.

Mr. Riley turns toward me, away from the towering list of names, he is overcome with grief.

“I’ve been feeling guilty about that for 42 years.

Today, truck drivers are helping Vietnam Veterans like Riley find healing across America. They are hauling the Wall That Heals

They do say that time heals all wounds, but the men grieving beside me have had decades. It took the very real memorial in DC to find some closure together. 

But not everyone can make it on an honor flight; not everyone has the ability to make the trek to Washington DC with their comrades. 

The Wall That Heals helps with that. It brings the means of honor, of healing to the veterans. And that is something worth fighting for.

Cue the patriotic drivers that have helped to “Haul the Wall” around the nation. VIT’ own James Rose of Prime Trucking has been a driver. Check out the video below: