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Clean Harbors is proud to announce they will honor veteran driver, Chris Belcher, for his service to the country and company. Belcher will display his custom, military-themed rig at the Veterans In Trucking Showcase at the Mid-America Trucking Show this month.  

Chris Belcher has been a truck driver and trainer for Clean Harbors for over a decade out of the Kingston, Massachusetts branch. He served 25 years in the U.S. Army Reserves, including combat deployments to Kosovo and Iraq.  Belcher learned how to drive a semi truck throughout his career in the Reserves and first started trucking in 1986.  

“I rode with a veteran driver for months on end and he showed me how to deal with situations as they arise, but that was part of my military training also.  In the military, we can stop and think and look at the whole picture, whereas some people only look at a specific picture to work out the solution to get around it or to drive through it” 

In June 2022, Clean Harbors showed its appreciation to Chris by presenting him with a new military-themed truck. NASCAR legend and Clean Harbors partner “The King” Richard Petty was there for the ceremony and Chris’ family was even flown in as a surprise.

“The number one thing about Clean Harbors is that they are very family oriented. I can’t say enough about what they’ve done over the years for me.  They are always there at a beck and call.  They are always there to help a driver out.”

Belcher spoke fondly of Clean Harbor’s 2022 Veterans In Trucking Showcase driver, Larry Pope. Pope has been by Belcher’s side as a fellow veteran, friend, and mentor. Now they share another common bond – being Veterans In Trucking Showcase drivers.

 “I want to strive to be like Larry Pope, to be the guy to help the junior drivers come up, I can help welcome veterans when they come into the company and explain how Clean Harbors is driven to help veterans succeed in their company.”

Watch Clean Harbors gift Belcher his military-themed truck in the video below.

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