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Williamsport’s Veterans Memorial Park in Pennsylvania may soon become the first memorial park in the nation to receive and display a rare A6 Intruder aircraft. 

Currently, the park hosts memorials for each of our nation’s wars providing an entertaining and educational experience for all who visit the park. 

“The park is a great opportunity not only to memorialize and remember all those who have served but it also serves as an excellent tool for the history of the United States and the military for this younger generation that may not have had any opportunity to learn about it,” said Charles Stutzman, co-chairman of the park commission. 

The plane currently belongs to the Pennsylvania College of Technology, who received the plane through a generous donation by the Navy. 

A6 Intruders were first introduced during the Vietnam War and were the backbone of the Navy’s aircraft carrier fleet up until the mid 1990’s, when it was retired. The particular A6 Intruder in question flew combat missions for the Navy during the Gulf War. 

There are only 38 A6 Intruders on display throughout the entire United States.


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