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In the face of uncertainty caused by a global pandemic, many companies are struggling to alter the way they do business, including what kind of person makes the best employee. 

While we value the skills of military veterans and love helping them transition into a trucking career, we know that they can thrive in all sectors of the job market and here’s why according to Forbes:

Veterans are trained for goal achievement during chaotic times.

“Regardless of which branch they served, they went through a boot-camp designed to throw them out of their comfort zones, detach them from what they are used to and ensure they can focus during times of chaos. 

Veterans are highly skilled at remote work situations. 

“The majority of veterans have a [great] capacity and resilience with remote work. Through multiple, international deployments away from their friends, families and creature comforts, vets come equipped with a higher level of resilience when it comes to doing without and leveraging technology to connect and build relationships.”

Veterans are experienced in navigating an entangled personal vs professional dynamic

“Military personnel have spent their time in service with those lines constantly blurred. Troops are trained to eat together, play together and work together as a unit and community. They are given guidance around how to conduct themselves on and off duty. This need to consider the impact of their personal lives on the job is not new to them and they are skilled at handling the gray areas.”

Career pivoting is part of being a military veteran.

“For any veteran that has successfully transitioned out of the military, they have already gone through [a career] pivot, possibly more than once. Few realize that every veteran that separates from the military has to let go of everything they knew and start from scratch. They understand the value of their transferable skills and have grappled with the need to be more attached to a purpose and mission vs. a particular job or role identity.”

The flexibility, tenacity, and strength of military veterans may be just what America needs to get through these unprecedented times. 


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