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Three military veterans found a new way to serve their country post military-service thanks to a family owned trucking company. Now, these veterans and the trucking company who helped them succeed are being featured on a TV show aimed at showcasing the impressive, important transitions military veterans make into civilian life and the companies that helped to get them there. 

Army veterans Lawrence Daniels and Dwayne Allen, as well as navy veteran Sylva Judson, found Wisconsin Express Lines after leaving the military for a variety of reasons, but have stayed there for the same reason – to “Drive for Greater Things.”

Since their new careers started, each has found success as a truck driver or trainer, enough to be featured on the Lifetime TV show ‘Military Makeover – Operation Career.’ Operation Career is a special edition of Military Makeover aimed at capturing stories of military veterans who are transitioning out of the military and back to civilian life, as well as highlighting the caring companies and organizations that got them there. 

Now, these military heroes gone truckers will have their successful transitions showcased on television, with Wisconsin Express Lines as one of the many reasons behind their new place in life. 

Check out the clip promoting the episode that will feature the story of Wisconsin Express Lines, Daniels, Allen, and Judson, below.


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