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Diesel runs through the veins of these two veteran truckers, and their company is doing the most to fuel their patriotic commitment. 

Jim Nalin and Samuel Francera both served in the United States Army before driving as civilians, but trucking definitely wasn’t new to either of them. 

Nalin was driving heavy-duty transportation trucks while he was in the service, which made his transition to trucking a natural fit.  He’s been with CRST since 2021. 

Francera’s father and brothers were also truckers.  Riding along in his father’s truck as a kid, Francera’s eyes were opened to the freedoms of the open road.  After 46 years behind the wheel of a truck, Francera still loves working for CRST.

“It gets in your blood when you get in a trucking family.”

Samuel Francera

And, a trucking family is exactly what they’ve both found with CRST.  Bonded by the diesel in their veins, these veteran drivers have found that same brotherhood drive to complete a mission within their work.

“I don’t want to sit behind a desk because I feel so cooped up, but being behind the wheel of a truck, I can see the country, I can see the world again”

said Jim Nalin at MATS 2022

CRST is proud to announce Jim Nalin and Sameul Francera will each be displaying their wrapped rig at the Veterans In Trucking Showcase at the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show.

Francera will be debuting a newly wrapped CRST truck at MATS.  Nalin’s beautifully wrapped rig will be making its second appearance at the Veterans In Trucking Showcase, but it’s gotten its fair amount of attention out on the road this past year.

“Oh, I get stopped all the time and I’ve even seen other veteran trucks on the road. It’s not every day you get to see something like that”

Jim Nalin

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