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Marine veteran Mike Sandoval had just finished getting a haircut in his hometown of Gilbert, Arizona and was walking back to his truck when he noticed a note on his windshield. 

“I got this truck and it’s got USMC mud flaps, and an eagle, globe and anchor on the back,” Sandoval explained to AZ Family News.

“[When I see the note] I’m just like, ‘Oh gosh, here we go. Somebody complaining about my driving right,’” he chuckled.

But what the note said caused tears to well up in his eyes. 

“It says, ‘Dear USMC, thank you so much for your service. Jesus loves you so much and is proud of you,” Sandoval said. 

The note then continued with Bible verse John 3:16 and ends with “God bless you for King, Jesus and country. A Starbucks on me,’ with a $5 bill attached. 

“One of the things that I always say is that if you want to thank a veteran be somebody worth fighting for,” said Sandoval. ”Whoever left that I want to tell them that they are worth fighting for, and thank you.”

Sandoval says he hasn’t spent the $5 and plans on giving back to other veterans in his community through his business, Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling

“One of our missions here as we left to put veterans first,” he said. “I have already done to veteran giveaways.”


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