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A portion of Ohio State Route 122 will soon be renamed in honor of a Vietnam veteran killed in the line of duty. 

Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill designating the name change just last week and a portion of Ohio 122 will soon be named the SFC Charles E. Carpenter Highway. 

Charles E. “Buck” Carpenter was an Army Green Beret during the Vietnam War. During his third tour of duty on January 27th, 1969, his unit came under machine gun fire during a search and destroy mission. Carpenter reportedly attempted to destroy the enemy machine gun nest but was wounded in the neck and shoulder. He was unable to be reached due to the machine gun fire and was soon deemed “missing in action.” Nearly a decade later, the Army changed his status to “presumed dead.”

Carpenter’s brother, 65-year-old Robert Carpenter, was in eighth grade when his family received the news about his brother, reported Journal-News.  

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” he said. 

Robert was just getting home from school and heading through the gate to his family’s farm when he saw a Sheriff Deputy pull onto the road, speeding towards his family’s house. 

“I knew something had happened,” Robert said, and that’s when his father was handed the telegraph.  

“He was a tough soldier,” said Robert. “He would have been proud to have a road renamed in his honor. This feels incredible.”

“These road designations ensure that both of their legacies live on forever in each of their hometowns and also serve as a reminder for us to recognize the bravery of all men and women who protect our freedom,” said State Senator Wilson.


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