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Disabled Army veteran Gary Scott recently discovered a hidden talent of his – making beautiful, customized American flags out of wood. 

“It might take me four or five boards to find just the right 13 pieces I need,” Scott explained to ABC 7.

“I researched, finally found a technique that would work for me – Just started making them.”

Scott, who lives in East Texas, donated one of his first pieces to a Vietnam veteran who had been scammed by a contractor, leaving his home uninhabitable for over a year while volunteers pitched in to help repair the damage. 

“That just touched my heart. No veteran, especially a Vietnam veteran who suffered so much, should have ever experienced what he experienced in his own home,” Scott said. 

Now, Scott sells a few of his pieces, but never accepts payment from a fellow veteran. Each one takes around four days to complete, and Scott customizes them according to the individual’s needs. He has even begun making Texas flags in the same fashion. 

“My youngest son is Air Force, my oldest is a police officer,” Scott added. “I’ll put whatever on it for whatever veteran is in need of one.”

No matter what custom aspects a piece has, each one has purposeful burn marks across its surface, representing all that the US flag has been through. 

“She’s been through a lot, she’s seen a lot,” Scott said.

Anyone interested in placing an order for one of these beautiful flags can contact Scott at 903-969-3838.


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