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“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” –Mark Twain

Old School truckers’ code. Love of country. Love for their countrymen. Drivers and military veterans Jim Nalin and Aaron Memering are as American as Apple Pie. 

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Like many veterans, Jim Nalin of the Army and Aaron Memering who served in the Air Force care for their country. But now that they drive team for CRST they’ve seen more of it and met more Americans than the average citizen… and they love what they’ve experienced on the open road.

From hiking hidden waterfalls in the desert to the rainforests of Mt. Rainier, they take time for adventure and to explore the United States. They also love the dives and drive-ins they find along their route and all the quirky, charming Americans they befriend.

“We enjoy every moment of trucking,” Aaron says. Even when things don’t always go right– “Today, we had a damaged wheel seal, low tires, and the load wasn’t ready.”

But both men are breezy and laugh together, “We laugh and joke and try to keep each other positive.” As part of their dynamic, Aaron is deeply proud of Jim, “Jim can customize a truck like it’s nothing,” Aaron brags.  

“But the most important thing, we’re family,” says Aaron.

“We’re brothers.” Technically they’re brothers-in-law, but they are very close. “Jim is my mentor, teacher, and leader. He taught me the old school way of trucking. If we see someone that needs help on the road we pull over and help them.”

They’ve used their truck to block traffic when they were the first to the scene of a five-car pileup, and Jim checked on every driver to make sure they were safe. 

As part of that trucking code, Jim works to recognize and support all first responders: He says, “I’ve got your Six– that goes for any first responders; if they need help I’m there for them,” Jim says, “I’ve helped with roadside assistance, fought fires alongside firefighters, and detained suspects.”

“We always do the right thing even when no one is looking,” Aaron says. “And we believe in service before self. It’s not about us. We look out for the little guys, for our families. And when we’re on the road our company (CRST) is our extended family.”

Aaron says of CRST that, “They practice what they preach. They are very safety oriented. My first day my mentor told me, ‘Safety is number one. Number two is getting home to your family.”

“We follow the policies to the dot of the ‘i.’ We do what’s right; we do it the right way,” Aaron continues.

Now, after the military, “We give back by helping veterans coming out and struggling to transition, to find a job,” says Aaron. “We tell them, ‘Nothing can stop you; only you can stop yourself.’” 

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