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Veterans In Trucking commends veterans for their hearts of courage and sacrifice. And we so respect that they carry this character into their roles as drivers. Truckers are often called the Guardians of the Highway as they act as the eyes and ears of the road.

Often, this position calls them into a place of heroism and presents opportunities to render aid. Although not every driver faces the peril of the truckers we list below, each day behind the wheel is a service to the United States.

Check out some of these examples of very heroic truckers pulled from the Goodyear Highway Hero winners:

Gerald “Andy” Wright: A Heroic Act of Bravery on the Roads of Illinois

Gerald “Andy” Wright, a dedicated truck driver, was cruising down the highways of Illinois when fate called upon him to become a hero. As he drove along, he came across a horrifying scene—a vehicle engulfed in flames, a result of a severe accident. 

Armed only with a fire extinguisher and a sturdy load bar, Wright rushed towards the blazing vehicle. With quick thinking and unwavering courage, he fought back the flames, doing everything he could to suppress the fire until the extinguisher ran dry. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, he shattered the sunroof of the vehicle, and he reached inside and pulled the trapped occupants to safety.

 Paul Mathias: A Veteran’s Compassion Saves Lives in Arizona

In the heart of Arizona, at a red light, Paul Mathias, a proud U.S. military veteran, became an extraordinary hero. As he awaited the green signal, his attention was suddenly seized by a heart-wrenching sight—the devastating collision of a vehicle into an SUV occupied by a mother and her two children. 

Harnessing the skills he acquired during his military service, Mathias leaped into action. He rushed towards the wrecked vehicles, determined to lend a hand. He guided the distraught mother, helping her administer crucial CPR to her injured son. In an overwhelming turn of events, tragedy struck again as the mother’s daughter succumbed to her injuries.

He continued his valiant efforts, applying life-saving CPR to the young boy, who fought for every breath. Through his unwavering dedication, Mathias provided a lifeline until the arrival of emergency crews, who took over the rescue operation. Thanks to Mathias’ unwavering compassion and heroic spirit, the young boy was given a second chance at life.

Frank Vieira: Courageous Intervention in the Face of Peril

Frank Vieira, witnessed a horrifying collision that sent shockwaves through his being. Startled by the thunderous crash, he glanced in horror to see a car wedged against the rear of a massive roll-off truck. The driver of the car had suffered a severe injury, a broken steering wheel impaling his neck, causing profuse bleeding.

Without hesitation, Vieira sprang into action, recognizing the critical importance of swift aid. As he tended to the still-conscious driver, applying vital first aid, he simultaneously reached out to emergency services, ensuring help was on the way. The driver of the roll-off truck, drawn by the chaos, stumbled upon the scene and fainted at the sight of the motorist’s injury, fainting away. Vieira’s instincts kicked into high gear once more. He pulled the unconscious truck driver away from harm’s reach, shielding him from further danger.