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Veterans in Trucking: Creating industry-wide commitment to honoring the veteran workforce and translating valuable skill sets into opportunities in transportation. 

Today, VIT is highlighting, well, what it is we do here: Primarily, we look to recognize our veterans and empower them through meaningful employment. In a practical light, this means helping carriers with veterans in their fleet find more veterans to hire, while also including trucking companies in our programs that actively and practically show honor to vets. 

In short, Veterans In Trucking is helping carriers across the nation learn to be more veteran-friendly and recognize their veterans in meaningful ways. 

Veteran Employment

Veteran hiring is a mindset and a culture shift. The companies that excel at hiring veterans have mastered this shift from the top down. We all get that veterans make our industry stronger– their skills, their commitment, their leadership make them top-talent wherever they choose to work. 

Number of active drivers that are Veterans

10 percent: At least one in 10 truckers are veterans, double the rate of workers in general.

VIT is working to honor our brave service men and women and committing to connecting the trucking industry with veteran drivers. With VIT we highlight that 99% of all surveyed employers recognize that they would benefit from hiring more veterans. But surprisingly 73% do not have a formal process in place to recruit veterans. And once we have a veteran in place statistics show that they have a 65% higher retention rate over other drivers!

Honoring Veterans

To attract these skilled veteran workers, it’s important to have programs in place that recognize and honor them. And it’s also important to understand the unique pain points that veterans may face as well. 

VIT is committed to providing immersive outdoor experiences that attract, retain, and connect veteran drivers. As part of this commitment, we give veterans a new and vital mission where they can utilize their adaptive skills in nature to better help them adapt as they transition into the trucking industry.

For many soldiers, making a successful transition from the structure and demands of military service to the pressures of civilian life and employment can be challenging. We believe that with VIT’s work to provide veterans with programs, outdoor trips, and purposeful employment, we are able to support their journey to living a life of purpose.

“Invest in veterans not to do them a favor. – They are actually doing you a favor with the invaluable qualities they bring to the workforce.”