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Veteran David Williams, who was Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System’s first COVID-19 long term ventilator patient, finally got to go home Wednesday. 

Doctors and nurses in Little Rock, Arkansas called him the miracle patient as they cheered him on when he was released, giving everyone a glimmer of hope, reported KATV.

“It felt my heart with gladness, it was very cool to see him going down the gathering fist-bumping everybody,” said Dr. Matthew Burns, the infectious disease doctor at the VA. 

“When you get a success story and somebody that does really well and we do everything right, it’s really awesome to see that,” said Burns.

“It was a big confidence booster to the whole VA hey we can do this, we can make it through this pandemic together,” he continued. 

The Arkansas Department of Health said the state currently has 26 people on ventilators.


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