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A group of veterans greeted truck drivers with thank-you signs and waving flags on a highway overpass in Colorado on Saturday. 

The group gathered on the Highway 34 overpass on Interstate 76 in Fort Morgan, Colorado on April 11th as a show of gratitude for the drivers that have kept our country fed over the last month since COVID 19 outbreak, reported The Fort Morgan Times.

“It’s just a salute to those keeping America rolling,” said Eric Christensen, a Navy veteran who organized the event.

“It’s a little bit of American patriotism at a time when we’re in a crisis.”

“This was a great idea,”E.W. Thomas , a veteran in the pre-Vietnam era, said.

“We’ve had guys pull off the interstate and stop to express their thanks; not just truckers but all sorts of people.”

“Most folks are honking and waving at us,” Christensen said. “Many stop to see what we’re doing. One truck driver from Illinois had a load he was taking here in Fort Morgan to Wickham Tractor. He waved at us and went on to drop his load. [Then] He came back and took a video.”

“Maybe someone would take a photo and tweet it to the President,” Christensen said. “We’d love to have President Trump join us out here with his hair blowing in the wind, waving to truck drivers. How great would that be? I think he would really support what we’re doing here. Truckers keep our nation moving.”


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