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Veteran Ted Kieffer knows there are two sides of trucking: being home for what matters like family, while enjoying adventures he’s had because of his life as a driver. 

Veteran Ted Kieffer was surprised with a wrapped truck from UC Carriers.

One of Ted’s favorite parts of working for Unlimited Carriers is how flexible they are to ensure he gets the home time he wants. “I can get in at certain times. They work with me on that.”

Ted is grateful Unlimited Carriers lets him truck with his wife whom he affectionately refers to as, “the other half.” He loves bringing his wife along occasionally on loads. He says they talk for hours, while he’s out on the road. 

He tells her about the strange and interesting things that he passes: From the half buried classic cars, on one of America’s most famous highways, Route 66, to the rock sculptures that pay honor to veterans.

He appreciates that Unlimited Carriers has flexibility around important family events. And the off-time he gets to do things he enjoys like restoring classic cars. Being on the road, gives Ted the opportunity to admire beautiful cars and scout for potential future projects.

Apart from his home time, Ted’s also had his fair share of adventures as a driver: From the Southern Beaches of France, where allied troops conquered tyranny to the streets of East-West divided Germany, Ted has trucked through history. He started trucking in the military in 1974. He credits his success with the character trait of discipline. 

Through trucking with the military he got to visit Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and England, most of that time was on assignment as a driver. “It was like driving through history,” Ted remembers. 

After 21 years serving in the military, he drives with Unlimited Carriers, which gives him the opportunity to keep moving, while he continues to serve the country he helped protect as a trucker. “I travel 3-4,000 miles a week. I love watching to see how many things have changed since I’ve been on the road. Some of the connections I’ve made, I’ve kept for years.”

“It isn’t hard to transfer over. The military makes it easy to adapt to the over the road lifestyle.”

He enjoyed the structure that the military gave him, “You knew what you had to do in the morning.” Military skills like structure help set veterans apart: Their discipline, perseverance, and adaptability prepare them to face impossible odds and gives them the authority to be strong leaders. 

Today, Ted likes that as a driver, he can take the lead in his own life. And like many drivers, one of the highlights of the job is the freedom to captain his own career. “I’m my own boss to a point. I don’t have to deal with an office. I’m in command of my own truck.”

However independent his lifestyle, Ted likes that Unlimited Carriers still has his back in an emergency. They go the extra mile when equipment is struggling.

“They take care of me if I have a breakdown. They try to work with me as much as possible.”

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