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The State of Arkansas House of Representatives recently released a statement noting the shifting demographics of the trucking industry, pointing out that the nearly 16% increase in trucking companies between 2012 and 2016 has led to some substantial changes in the types of drivers keeping our country moving. 

According to the study, at least one in 10 truck drivers are military veterans, which is twice the amount of veterans participating in the workforce in general. 

Of these veterans, many are under the age of 35, creating a younger generation of truck drivers that is also comprised of more women, and includes drivers that are more academically educated than the former generation of drivers. 

On top of that, the new generation of drivers is far more urban-based than their older counterparts – less than 20% of today’s under-35 truck drivers live in rural areas. 

Despite all this, some things never change. Drivers are still often working far more hours than a typical 40-hour workweek, particularly around the holidays, proving once again that truck driving is one of our country’s most demanding and important jobs. 

Bottom line: If you see a truck driver, thank them for their ‘service,’ whether they are a military veteran or not. 


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