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The VA San Diego Healthcare System is hosting a summer sports program tailored specifically for veterans with disabilities.

The program, called the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic, will be held September 20th-25th in San Diego, California. Applications for veterans interested in participating are open until May 1st. Participants must meet some eligibility requirements and receive care at any VA medical facility. 

The National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic was founded in 2008 with the goal of serving newly-injured veterans complex disabilities such as PTSD, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, visual impairments, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological conditions.

This summer, the clinic will offer outdoor recreational activities and adventure sports such as sailing, surfing, kayaking, and cycling, designed to compliment the therapy provided in daily rehabilitation programs. 

Participants who accept the challenge of the program are intended to develop sports skills through adaptive sports workshops and activities with the help of more than 100 volunteers. For more information visit


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