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Facilities aimed at helping veterans in need are struggling to stay stocked with supplies as hoarding issues grow. 

According to CBS Sacramento, Facilities such as the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center of America have been searching the stores and online for soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and basic hygiene items but have come up short due to stockpiling by many americans. 

“It’s been complicated, to say the least. I know at Sam’s Club we’re not allowed to buy more than two items, and two packs of laundry pods for 57 people just isn’t going to cut it,” said Residential Programs Manager Amy Childers.

Most of the veterans at the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center of America are recovering from PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, and homelessness. Combine this with the supply shortage, tight quarters of the facility, and a COVID-19 lockdown and you have quite a tough road for the facility and its patients. 

“I mean donations are always welcome, hand sanitizer, hygiene,” said Jared Dannenberger, an Iraq war veteran at the facility. 

”Soaps, towels, things like that you know, we’d be very grateful,” added Vietnam-era veteran Vincent Craft.

”The longer this goes, I feel like even the strongest of everybody, mental health is being tested right now,” said Childers.While they are thankful for any donations, the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center of America is asking for financial donations through their website during the COVID-19 outbreak to prevent the spread of the virus.


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