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A $10,000 matching donation has been pledged by an anonymous donor to help Wisconsin veterans and their families during the pandemic. 

According to NBC 15, the money will go to the ‘COVID-19 Relief Fund’ launched by ‘Lift for the 22,’ a charity built to help and encourage veterans, and the Chamber of Commerce. All donations made to this fund will be transferred to the Veterans Trust Fund and will be distributed by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to nonprofits providing housing, health, wellness, and economic services for veterans. 

“We are extremely grateful that this donor has stepped up to provide a matching grant to help us raise money quickly,” said Saul Newton, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. “We need these organizations to be a voice, a champion, and an advocate to ensure the needs of veterans and their families are being addressed.”

If you would like to make a donation, you can text GIVE or DONATE to (503) 831-9923 or make a donation online here.


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