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More than 25,000 veterans had their questions answered during a virtual town hall Tuesday. 

VA officials in Washington D.C. held the virtual town hall to answer questions about VA coverage and benefits during the next few months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, reported KWTX 10.

“Normally when I would travel around the country, I would do these in person,” said Dr. Paul Lawrence, VA Under Secretary of Benefits. 

Most appointments are currently being done virtually, with a few exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis. 

“As you could imagine, folks who’ve applied for benefits wonder how that’s going to happen in their processing. So we continue to tell them that everything is working as usual. Nothing is changing if you’re in our system,” Lawrence said. 

Lawrence also says that the VA will be working closely with other military installations like Fort Hood. 

“Fort Hood could have a lot of certain types of doctors. We could also have extra supplies and we could share those resources when necessary,” explained Lawrence. 

“I think about people like my mother,” he said. “Her brothers served in World War II. That was a trying experience and we’ll get through this one just like they got through that. I just can’t imagine that this won’t make us stronger and better.”

The VA plans to continue with these tele-town halls to help answer veterans’ questions across the country. 


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