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The state of Oklahoma has proposed two new vanity plate options featuring slogans associated with President Trump. 

The license plate designs would feature one of two slogan options: “Make America Great Again,” from the 2016 Trump campaign, and “Keep America Great,” the 2020 Trump campaign slogan. 

A portion of the annual $35 fee charged for these license plates would benefit one of two local veterans groups – the Folds of Honor and the Warriors of Freedom foundations, reported Fox News.

“This is a great way that people can support America and support those ideas of keeping America great,” said state Senator Nathan Dahm, who proposed the plate design and veteran donations with the help of his co-sponsor, Senator Marty Quinn. 

If the proposal passes, the Trump inspired plates will be available alongside Oklahoma’s other “vanity” plate options such as sports logos or wildlife designs. 

“There’s people that are upset with just the president in general, so I understand that people have those feelings, potentially negative feelings against the president, but the great thing is, here in America, you have freedom of speech,” Dahm said. 

“I don’t think it’s such a bad deal, especially if the money’s going to the veterans,” added Oklahoma motorist Gary Pierce.


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