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The VA is currently hiring housekeeping staff at locations across the country. 

According to the VA website, they are searching for “quality employees who will help Veterans get better fast.”

Every year, 9 million veterans undergo surgeries , recover from surgeries, and receive care for both acute and chronic conditions at the VA, and these crucial housekeeping staff make their recovery possible by quickly managing spills, discarding trash, installing light bulbs, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and more, which keeps a clean, pleasant environment for those veterans in recovery.

 “Our housekeeping staff is absolutely essential to providing a sanitary and healthy environment for our patients,” said Darren Sherrard, associate director of VA recruitment marketing.

VA Housekeeping aides receive 

  • Paid vacation time that accrues right away, paid sick leave and 10 paid federal holidays.
  • Health insurance, including dental and vision, which may become effective on the first full pay period after the job starts.
  • Access to the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS), a three-tier retirement plan composed of Social Security, FERS basic benefits and the Thrift Savings Plan.

Child care and transportation assistance programs may also be available. VA employees who are also veterans may continue to accrue retirement benefits, even if hired for the job.  

“As a housekeeping aide, you’ll be working alongside other Veterans, who make up 85 percent of the custodial staff,” Sherrard said.

Transferring VA locations is easy, and benefits, including accumulated time off, can transfer with you. 

Interested parties can visit these sites to learn more. 

VISIT for more information.


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