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President Trump proclaimed today, May 1st as Loyalty Day in the United states, carrying on an American tradition that has been in effect since 1959. 

“The United States has been a strong Nation for more than two centuries not only because of the ideals that we share as a people, but also because of the love we have for our home and the loyalty we have for each other,” he began. 

“Our national character is defined by the values of faith and family, liberty and fairness, and hard work and personal responsibility,” he continued. 

 “Generations of Americans have poured out sweat, blood, soul, and tears to defend these values — and on this day, we rededicate ourselves to protecting them in our own time, and for unborn generations to come.”

President Trump then goes on to acknowledge the COVID19 pandemic, thanking those that have been working on the front lines to keep us all safe. 

“All across our country, Americans are courageously fighting a daily battle against an invisible enemy.  In light of the extraordinary heroism and dedication we have witnessed, each of us will go forward from this challenging time stronger and even more certain that when duty calls, we will answer it.”

Thank you all for your service!

To read President Trump’s full Loyalty Day proclamation, click here. And check out this footage of a Pennsylvania Loyalty Day parade back in 1961, below!


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