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A.N. Webber Inc. based in Kankakee, Illinois, has added a new, striking member to its fleet, a 2020 Peterbilt fully wrapped in patriotic images. 

“We’re very patriotic,” explained Todd Perzee, president of Webber Inc. “And we have many vets working for us. We are very proud of that fact.”

Webber Inc. employs 64 veterans and has a workforce of 268, meaning 24% of Webber’s employees are veterans. 

“Alan [the owner of the company] wanted to do something to honor veterans. He came up with the truck wrap idea,” Perzee said.

The truck has images representing the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard and is a part of Webber’s regular fleet, meaning it has already spent some time traveling the country and turning heads. 

“Our trucker can’t believe the amount of people who are looking at it and taking pictures and video of it. People are blowing horns. It is an eye-catching design but we didn’t think it would gain this type of attention. The feedback has been great,”  Perzee said.

“It’s gone above and beyond what I would have ever imagined. We knew it would create a buzz, it’s super cool,” said Chad Brosseau, owner of Fastlane, the company who created the wrap.

Webber trucks typically stay in the fleet for around five years, but they predict this one may stick around a bit longer. 


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