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The Murfreesboro Veterans Administration in Murfreesboro, Tennessee received the gift of music this holiday season thanks to a donation from Schneider Electric. 

Back in September, Schneider Electric held a team-building competition amongst its employees, challenging them to create custom electric guitars complete with hand-painted cases. After the competition was over, Schneider teamed up with Middle Tennessee State University’s veterans center and decided there was no better way to serve their community than by donating the instruments to an organization in need, the Murfreesboro Veterans Administration (MVA), for the holiday season.

“This is amazing,” said MVA patient Levi Troxell, who learned to play guitar from his father, Bill, who played alongside the likes of Buddy Guy, Carvin Jones and British pop group Ten Years After, reported Fox 17 Nashville.

 “Even if they [veterans] come and listen to people play, the interaction will be soothing or therapeutic. These are high-quality instruments.”

“We know music heals,” Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Director Jennifer Vedral-Baron said. “This is going to help so many more veterans heal.”


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