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Patriot Sandwich Company just opened up in Denton, Texas on Monday but the owners already have big plans to honor what they call “the human side of the military.”

David Jordan is a Colorado Army National Guard veteran who, with the help of a silent partner, opened Patriot Sandwich Company – his first restaurant – on February 17th, almost exactly five years after the lowest point in his life. 

After serving in the military for 10 years, including one year in Iraq as a combat medic, Jordan’s transition back into civilian life was a tough one. He ended up homeless and even tried to commit suicide before he was brought to Texas by a family member for a new start in life in 2015. After Jordan recovered, he knew what he had to do – help other veterans going through the same struggles – so he started a nonprofit called “We Got Your Six,” and began helping homeless veterans, reported Dallas News.

“Sometimes we come back physically but we don’t always come back mentally,” Jordan said. “We come back and we don’t know how to adjust to being around our families anymore. Everything here moved on without us. We’re almost like strangers in our own homes.”

After realizing the hope and help he could bring to veterans through his non-profit, Jordan decided to expand his focus to educating the general public about what he calls the “human side” of the military, and that’s when Patriot Sandwich Company was born. 

“Most of what you see right now, in the news, is soldiers dying. Soldiers being deployed. Bombs. Negativity,” Jordan said. “I wanted to do something to show the community the true history and customs of the military.”

The sandwich shop has memorabilia displayed throughout the shop, honoring each branch of the military, and even gives patrons a chance to really connect with the gear through the use of glass top tables so customers can enjoy the artifacts while they eat. A 15% discount is offered to veterans and active duty military, while a 10% discount is offered to first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement, and even college students. 

Customers can choose between an “officer” – a regular sized sandwich, or an “enlisted – because we know the enlisted do all the work,” Jordan explained. There are nine types of sandwiches to choose from with eight sauces Jordan created just for the shop, including creamy basil parmesan ranch, sweet Sriracha or ghost pepper mango pineapple. 

As the business continues to grow, Jordan plans to spotlight a different charity each month and erect a “hometown heroes wall” spotlighting photos and biographies of veterans in Dallas-Fort Worth. He even hopes to open at least one more location. 

“This isn’t my shop. This is the patriot’s shop. It’s everybody’s shop,” he says. “I want every veteran, regardless of when they served or how they served, to feel like they belong. And to be able to share their stories.”


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