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A veteran in central Iowa is ensuring the war-stories of our country’s heroes are never forgotten thanks to the creation of her non-profit organization, Iowa Veterans Perspective. 

“I speak for the veterans that’s really what I do,” said Sara Maniscalco Robinson, a veteran with over 20 years in the Iowa National Guard.

 “I give them a voice that they otherwise can’t have and I’m the founder of the Iowa Veterans perspective.”

Robinson interviews military veterans from all branches and walks of life, sharing them to her website and social media channels, ensuring their messages make it out to the world. 

“I mainly started the Iowa Veterans Perspective because I wanted to share the stories of our veterans,” said Robinson. “I come from a long history of veterans my Grandpa was in World War II my Dad was in the Iowa National Guard for more than 41 years with a deployment to Afghanistan.”

Robinson worked in broadcast journalism during her time in the national guard, which gave her the skills to effectively run a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing stories. 

“I joined the Iowa National Guard when I was 18 years old as a broadcast journalist. At that young age I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I’m so glad that I did,” Robinson explained. 

“I still love making videos and I love teaching my young soldiers how to tell stories,” said Robinson. “I think one of my big dreams for this project would be being able to share the stories with a larger audience.”

Robinson says that sometimes the stories she hears from veterans are things they have never shared before. 

“I consider each story that I’m told to be a gift that they give it to me,” said Robinson. “Then it’s my job to take that gift and package it up and use my talents to present that.”

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