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A woman was rescued by a group of Marines after being pinned beneath a car in Washington D.C. earlier this month. 

“I was just going to the chow hall to get some breakfast and we hear a Marine call out, ‘A woman was just run over by a car,'” said Cpl. Denny Bohne of Guard Company, Marine Barracks Washington. 

The unnamed woman had been riding a scooter in Downtown Washington D.C. near the Marine barracks in the capital when she was struck by a car, pinning her beneath the vehicle. 

When the marines realized what was happening, Bohne and other Marines rushed to the car and used its jack to lift the back while Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Belko used a jack from a passerby to lift the front. The fire department soon arrived and was able to transport the unnamed woman to a nearby hospital. 

The extent of the woman’s injuries are not clear, but she did survive thanks to the fast-thinking marines. 

The Marines’ actions “were integral to reducing the amount of time it took for us to take care of that victim,” said Lt. Leo Ruiz of the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, who helped take the woman to a hospital.

“Honestly, if they hadn’t done what they had done, it could have delayed care for that victim,” Ruiz continued. “We’re always taught in the fire service when you talk about EMS and trauma care, that (it’s imperative) getting those victims … to the right place quickly, and they absolutely helped us to do that.”

“Marines run to the sound of the gun, so it didn’t surprise me at all the Marines were there,” Belko said.


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