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This veteran duo shares more than blood. Cousins James C. Rose and LaTravis Wilcox share the same dedication and love for trucking that keeps them in the driver’s seat today.

James C. Rose (J.C.) honorably served in the Marine Corps for over 30 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel O5.  Similar to his role as a drill instructor training new recruits, he now enjoys being a trainer assisting new CDL holders.  His cousin, LaTravis Wilcox, entered the Marine Corps in 1997 and now drives for Rose’s fleet, Pressing Forward Express LLC operated under Prime, Inc.

Rose’s passion for passing on his knowledge is why he was recently named a Veterans In Trucking ambassador.     

But Rose and Wilcox aren’t the only ones with military ties in the family.   

“My wife and I have three sons currently in the Navy, a brother, uncle, a cousin who are Navy veterans, two uncles who were Marines one of which is a Vietnam veteran, and several cousins who have or are still serving across all branches.”

James C. Rose

Totaling 20 or so active or veteran service members, Rose also says there are young, up-and-coming relatives who are aspiring to continue the tradition.

“Military service to my family is held in high regard… we are proud of our patriotism and our patriotic careers!”

Patriotism runs deep in this family and bonds them all together.

“Military service to my family is a small token that we are allowed to serve and give back to our country while giving us the opportunity to travel the world. It allows us to experience different cultures foreign and domestic.  It also provides the culmination of shared core values, goals, and experiences that are often brought up at family gatherings.”

LaTravis Wilcox

Prime, Inc is proud to announce they have chosen Rose and Wilcox to attend the Veterans In Trucking Showcase at the Mid-America Trucking Show.   

“I have seen a lot of veterans and their trucks while out here over the road, but to have the trucks and drivers at one location is going to be awesome.” I think attending the showcase will be educational, what it really takes to become successful in the trucking industry and get some life-learned lessons from veterans and the future of trucking.”

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