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Veterans In Trucking is proud to introduce our newest ambassador James C. Rose! Mr. Rose will be sharing about trucking transition, and he will give advice to veterans seeking a career in the trucking industry. James Rose is a finalist for the Trucking Transition Award and a winner of the prestigious Keys to Progress Truck.

James has a motto: “In order to stay in the fight…you have to first be in it.” 


Lt. Col James C. Rose enlisted in the Marine Corps and honorably served 30.5 years retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel O5. After serving in the military, James went on to drive for Prime. 

He has three sons that joined the Navy, and he is proud to be part of a legacy of serving our country and teaching others to be part of that mission.

Mr. Rose has a passion for passing on his knowledge: Similar to his role as a Marine Drill instructor training new recruits to become Marines, JC enjoys being a trainer assisting new CDL holders acquiring the required miles certifying them so that they can drive on their own, as they join the forces providing an essential service to communities and our nation. 

He feels this fits perfectly and culminates with his new career in trucking: 

Today he is working to build a fleet of his own leased on through Prime, helping to create jobs so that hard-working people can support their families and assist in the logistical movement of products, goods, and services to the consumer. 

James donates to various charities (wounded warrior, cancer society, mental health awareness and support, substance abuse, foster children aid, and feed the needy), and volunteers time to show his gratitude for the patriotic support that was given while he served our country.

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