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Back in 2018, Tom Saccenti and his then 8-year-old son saw a Youtube video on making wooden flags and decided to try it out themselves. Although their first few attempts didn’t turn out so well, they eventually got the hang of it and decided to start creating these wooden american flags for our country’s veterans. 

“My dad and me thought it would be a good idea to do it as a father-son project. We loved it so much that we went to our church and we showed them how to do it for Veterans Day. We made about 20 flags before we got it right,” Micah told Fox News.

More than two years gone by, but Micah is still making these flags, now with the help of his younger brother. The two brothers travel the country with their dad, who teaches new safety techniques to local police departments, universities and churches, and give their own classes – how to create these wooden American flags. 

The boys would give away one flag to a raffle winner after each class, and of course military veterans and police officers received theirs for free. Conference attendees had the option to donate to the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, a Christian organization focused on educating children about religion in other parts of the world.

Now, with the COVID-19 social distancing orders, the classes have been put on hold, but the boys have still found a way to spread patriotism. 

“We thought what can we do at our home to kind of still honor people who are working during this time. And so we thought what a great way to honor some of our local heroes, police officers,” said Saccenti.Since the stay-at-home 0rders were put in place, Saccenti and his boys have given away 50 flags and have raised over $2,000 for the Boys and Girls Missionary Group. The family plans to continue this project and even hopes to save up for an engraver, allowing them to place the hero’s name on the flag before presenting it to them.


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