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Comcast is now offering free internet for veterans and families in need in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to a March 17th press release, disabled veterans and low-income veterans and their families can receive free basic internet service from now until April 30th. This offer is in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, which is keeping many people isolated at home.

“As our country continues to navigate the COVID-19 emergency, we recognize that our company plays an important role in helping the military community stay connected — to their families, the VA and other health services, and the latest information about the virus — through the Internet,” Comcast said in a statement according to Military Times.

“To help bridge the digital divide during this time of need, we’re providing special offers to the thousands of veterans who qualify for our Internet Essentials program.”

Qualifying customers must live in the service area and include veterans receiving disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs and all Americans receiving public aid. 

The plan, called the Internet Essentials plan, will also have increased data speeds for all users during this time. After April 30th, new users will automatically be enrolled in the $9.95 per month internet program. 

More information on who qualifies and how to apply can be found by clicking here.


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