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Wreaths Across America is an organization dedicated to placing wreaths on veterans’ graves across the country during the Holiday Season – an endeavor that requires a lot of volunteers and donations

Despite the organization’s efforts, some veterans’ graves go without a wreath each season due to lack of funds. So this year, an 8-year-old boy from Austin, Texas is doing his part to honor our fallen troops by going door-to-door seeking donations. 

“Hello, my name is Remmer and I am raising money for Wreaths Across America to honor the soldiers. I want to make sure Austin has enough wreaths, would you like to donate?” the boy states as he knocks on each door, which he has been doing along with his father for the last four weeks, reported Spectrum Local News.

Last year, Remmer noticed that some of the veterans’ graves in Austin went without wreaths, and when he heard the reason why he knew he had to do something. 

“He expressed concern that, ‘Why weren’t 300 graves able to have a wreath?’ So my wife explained that they didn’t earn enough money,” explained Dan Machamer, Remmer’s dad.

“So then I got a bit serious with it,” said Remmer. “Then I actually did write a speech, then I went door to door asking for donations.”

“Last year he raised just over $2,000, and this year he’s raised $3,500,” continued Remmer’s dad. “A lot of it truly is just Remmer’s personality, since he was a young kid and knew about military he would often salute someone that was in their fatigues at an airport or go and thank them for their service.”

While the Austin Branch of Wreaths Across America has yet to reach its fundraising goal for the wreath laying on December 14th, Remmer remains somewhat optimistic. 

“I’m just a bit worried, but I’m also a bit positive that we still can do it… Every soldier needs to be remembered for what they’ve done — risked their lives for us. I don’t try to get one wreath for one specific soldier, I just want to do it for every soldier.”

If you would like to donate to Wreaths Across America please visit their website here.