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Amazon is encouraging military veterans to open their own small businesses as part of their Delivery Service Partner program (DSPs). 

Amazon’s DSPs build their own business using Amazon’s infrastructure as a base, becoming integral to the part of delivery service that Amazon calls ‘the last mile.’ These small businesses transport packages from their delivery stations to the customer’s front door, ensuring the packages get delivered safely and on-time. 

In the program, Amazon assists the small businesses with the leasing of delivery vehicles, allowing their DSP partners’ businesses to grow – typically to between 40 and 100 employees. Since launching the program in 2018, more than 800 small business owners have used to program to provide jobs for more than 75,000 drivers. 

Because of the unique challenges of operating a DSP business, Amazon is specifically seeking out veterans to participate this program, citing their drive, leadership skills, hustle, and mission-first attitude. About 1/3 of Amazon’s DSPs are Veterans.

“In the military it is all about the team effort, and it is mission orientated. You’ll do well as a leader as a commander if you are able to bring out the best in people or play to people’s strengths,” said Will Boyd, U.S. Army Veteran and owner of Alpha Zulu Logistics, an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. “Amazon has got logistics figured out – what you can bring to the table is really the people aspect, interacting with people, hiring the people, training them, engaging with them, and bringing them along as safe and effective drivers.”

Amazon has pledged $5 million toward funding the business startup costs for veterans, offering $10,000 reimbursements to qualified candidates. DSPs have access to Amazon technology and resources, including training, support, branded vans, uniforms, insurance, and the package volume needed to grow their business. 

All Veterans with a drive to succeed are invited to apply. Logistical experience is not required.

Click here to start your application. And check out this video of one of Amazon’s current military veteran DSPs.


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