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The transition from the military into the life of a civilian can be a tricky one for our country’s veterans. That’s why the trucking industry is committed to making the switch a little easier on those who have served by providing resources, job opportunities, and career paths through various programs across the country. 

From industry-wide efforts like the US Chamber of Commerce Foundations’ Hiring Our Heroes Program, which committed the industry to hiring at least 100,000 veterans, to our very own efforts here at Veterans in Trucking, the trucking community remains committed to helping military personnel thrive post-service. 

The connection between military veterans and the trucking industry just makes sense. As stated by veteran and professional truck driver Gary Helms in a recent Op-Ed for

“There are many similarities between the two industries, including the machinery and equipment, operations and emphasis on safety. It’s particularly relevant for those veterans who have operated military vehicles.Veterans have the knowledge, training, and qualities required to be successful, including discipline, dedication, strong work ethic, teamwork and leadership skills, which is why trucking companies want more skilled veterans to join their companies and become a part of this great industry.”

If you are a transitioning military veteran looking for a job in an industry that understands your worth and values, please consider joining the thousands of veterans already prospering in their trucking careers. 

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