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When a Colorado-based veterans’ organization heard that their local animal sanctuary was closing its doors, leaving a pack of rescue wolves without a place to stay, they knew their organization should be the one to lend a hand.

“We have no interest in letting [the wolves] separate. It’s a pack, and our program is pack healing,” said Drew Robertson, founder of Mattersville, a non-profit veterans organization helping veterans, and now wolves, deal with PTSD. 

The wolves will soon be relocated to Mattersville’s new property in Douglas County, Colorado, where the organization’s resident veterinarian and wolf expert will help veterans learn to care for the wolves. 

The veterans will help care for the animals, along with the help of the now-closed sanctuary volunteers.

Mattersville hopes to help both wolves and veterans with this new endeavor and plans to host reservation-only property tours once the place is up and running, hopefully by mid-January.  

“…The veterans that are suffering trauma… some of these rescue wolves are suffering from trauma.. Everything is healing around here,” Robertson added.

To learn more about Mattersville and what they do, please visit their website here.


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