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In March of 2020, the government will send out surveys and questionnaires from the Census Bureau in order to gain a more up-to-date and accurate picture of our nation’s communities. 

Households will receive a mailed invitation to participate, giving most households the option to complete the survey online, by phone, or by mail. The questionnaire will ask questions regarding you and the people living in the household, including their age, sex, and race. 

Because military veterans are such a diverse and thriving group of people who often contribute to their communities in a variety of ways, it is important that veterans complete the survey in order to give the US government a better idea of what funds need to be distributed where. 

The data collected from veterans and civilians across the country will determine how state, local, and federal lawmakers distribute billions of dollars in federal funds to public services such as veterans’ hospitals and medical programs, schools, and emergency services.

If you are unsure how to count yourself or the people in your home, please click the link here

Typically, all veterans should complete the 2020 census unless they are living in group housing or at a hospital, in which case a representative of the building will fill out the questionnaire for everyone living there. 

To learn more about the 2020 Census and how it will shape the future for veterans, service members, and their families, visit


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