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Country music singer Kane Brown has released a new remix of his latest single “Homesick,” as a tribute to America’s veterans. 

Brown partnered with Crown Royal on the remix, bringing in three veterans to provide the backup vocals and harmonies, and the result is “Homesick (Veterans Version).”

Generald Wilson, retired U.S. Navy 1st Class Petty Officer; J.W. Cortes, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant; and Sal Gonzalez, retired U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal, were all recruited by Crown Royal for the remixed tune and lend a sense of what it’s really like to be kept away from home for so long to the new song. 

“I’m honored that they’re on the song,” Kane said to Forbes

“Hearing the veterans gave ‘Homesick’ more meaning to me, [especially] knowing how long they were in the military … you can tell that they’ve been homesick before. [Wilson] was in the Navy for 21 years. I can’t imagine everything that he had to go through: being away from his family, all the sacrifices. You could definitely hear the feeling [in the way] that he’s singing.”

The single was released on Wednesday, August 5th. And for every stream of the song, the Crown Royal Purple Bag Project will create a care package for frontline and essentials workers, first responders, healthcare workers, active duty military members, and advocates for the veteran community. Each package will be composed of toiletries and a handwritten thank you note. Additionally, $1 per stream will be donated to Minority Veterans of America.


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