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For most of the country, this weekend is the opening of pools, campgrounds, and backyard bbq season. But for those brave men and women who fought for the United States, this weekend means remembering those that paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy our holiday in peace and freedom. Often those service men and women are remembering fallen comrades, those that they served with that didn’t make it home.

The holiday itself was originally founded to recognize fallen Civil War soldiers– it caught grassroots energy as Freed Slaves gathered to honor the memory of those that had lost their lives trying to win freedom for all Americans. Unlike many Americans today, the cost of unity and freedom was painfully felt throughout the country.

It was James Garfield that first championed the holiday: “For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.”

Veterans In Trucking salutes this sentiment and acknowledges our duty– especially to those veterans who are serving over the road during this commemorative weekend: For veteran truckers this holiday is especially weighty as many of them must stay over the road to make sure the country stays supplied. 

But it is this very military-spirit that first drew them to trucking and makes them good at their job– they approach each load as a mission to be completed no matter what the obstacles or difficulties.

Today, we want to acknowledge that some of the difficulties that those veteran drivers face is remembering their fellow soldiers’ sacrifices. Trucking is ranked among the most patriotic industries in the nation– partly because so many veterans after serving their country are now serving behind the wheel of a rig. 

Their determination on the battlefield and now over the road keeps our country safe and fed. It means that as a nation we have such peace that we can say with Franklin D. Roosevelt that we sometimes forget to value it properly. But today, sincerely, thank you to our servicemen for your sacrifice and your courage. 

From everyone at Veterans In Trucking, thank you for your service.