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A Georgia veterans group is ensuring those in need continue to have access to food, even in the face of the pandemic. 

Community Warriors, a nonprofit organization run and operated by military veterans, runs a mobile food pantry in southern Georgia in partnership with Feeding the Valley. Prior to COVID-19, the group would see approximately 700 families show up for food, but at their most recent event, the group estimated more than 2,000 showed up, likely due to financial hardships because of the nationwide lockdown, shutting down many businesses indefinitely. 

“They’re still coming out in numbers getting food regardless of what the governor puts out,” said Hai Clay, a retired Army captain and president of Community Warriors.

“The mayor was out there and he had to get on the phone to call the chief of police to get some officers out there to help control the traffic because the line was going back into Columbus, Georgia, from Phenix City, Alabama,” Clay said to Fox News.

Unfortunately, the group ran out of food by 10:15 a.m., despite plans to continue until 2 p.m.

“It broke my heart,” said Carla, Clay’s wife and a Community Warriors volunteer. “All we could give them was a jar of peanut butter and something else.”

Community Warriors plans to continue to give back, particularly to the neediest communities, and is looking to provide more coronavirus relief work in the weeks to come.


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