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Each year, the US Small Business Administration showcases, appreciates, and helps out veterans and their families during National Veterans Small Business Week (NVSBW).

This year, during the seventh annual NVSBW, the US Small Business Administration will help veterans locate and utilize free and low-cost entrepreneurial resources that veteran and military entrepreneurs can access right in their neighborhood. 

These resources include everything from business counseling, to help in formulating a business plan. 

From Monday, November 2nd, to Friday, November 6th, the US Small Business Administration will host virtual workshops aimed at helping veterans start and maintain their own small business. 

“Veteran business owners drive our economy and power the American Dream,” wrote the Whitehouse in an official statement

“As these patriots apply many of the skills they obtained in the Armed Forces, they make valuable and lasting contributions to our robust business landscape.  During National Veterans Small Business Week, we celebrate these hardworking men and women who defended our Nation in uniform and continue to strengthen it by starting businesses when they return to civilian life.”

“There is no group of patriots more dedicated, brilliant, and tenacious than our cherished veterans, and their entrepreneurial spirit is helping to fuel our V-shaped recovery.  Throughout National Veterans Small Business Week, we commend our veterans who strengthen our economy, propel our prosperity, and fuel our culture of freedom.  These men and women are the pride of our Nation, inspiring us with their courage, service, and character.”

For more information on resources and this week’s virtual workshops, please click here.


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