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When military veteran Ron Holloway realized he was suffering from PTSD, he got a dog to help him feel more calm and patient. 

After seeing first-hand the positive effect having a furry companion had on his life, Ron and his wife Solo knew that they had to show their appreciation for man’s best friend – and that’s when they opened a food truck just for dogs. 

Woofbowl operates in and around Arlington, Virginia, serving the doggie versions of tacos, hamburgers, donuts, and even dog ‘beer.’

“We got, you know, when we got our doggies, it just changed me man, you know my breathing, my patience, my anxiety, the depression,” said Ron.

Woofbowl prides itself on being the first doggie-fast-food truck in the nation and focuses on ingredient quality. In fact, the ingredients are so high-quality, that even humans can enjoy them. 

“Don’t worry we won’t judge if we catch you taking a bite,” their website says.


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