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Champion martial arts veteran, Dr. Fred Waters, wants to give drivers a fighting chance.

He may be the Bruce Lee of trucking.

Dr. Fred Waters (66) is a nine times Martial Arts Hall of Famer and a World Championship winning Tae Kwon Do expert. And he said he learned it all while driving trucks for the Army. 

It started with a gang fight– Dr. Waters remembers he was just a teenager when a group of gang members attacked his older brother, and he tried to help him. Out of revenge, the entire gang later jumped him outside of a cemetery. One member brandished a butcher knife.

“I remember that knife looked five feet long in the moonlight.” He had seen the Green Hornet and Bruce Lee movies– He imitated a karate move, and the gang stepped back for a show. “I saw an opening, and I ran.”

But Dr. Waters has been fighting back ever since: He trained military personnel in the Gulf Wars to disarm in close quarter combat. “My Goals are to train military troops in hand-to-hand combat and how to disarm an attacker with a weapon, shotgun, AK-47m M-16’s, 9mm’s, knives, and clubs.”

And now he’s teaching truck drivers to defend themselves. “Truckers need a fighting chance.” 21% of drivers experience crime on the road and 42% say it was violent, according to a study by CDLLife.

Defense expert, Dr. Fred Waters, teaches life saving defense techniques to drivers.

Dr. Waters has had guns pulled on him on the road. “I train military personnel for lethal defense, but I train drivers for self-defense… like how to block a weapon.”

But he says the most important thing that drivers can do for self-defense is to take care of their health. He encourages drivers to eat right and stay fit so that they can be ready if something happens. 

“It’s about prevention.”

Dr. Waters teaches about breaking a choke hold.


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