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Operation Tiny Home is an organization doing more than just providing shelter for the homeless, they are educating, transforming, and empowering military veterans in our community. 

The non-profit organization assists people struggling with housing instability, veterans or not, through the building of custom tiny houses while educating veterans in the process with tiny home building workshops. These workshops empower veterans to serve their country in a new way – fighting the issue of homelessness. 

Operation Tiny Home also hosts the ‘Pay-It-Forward Veteran Housing Program,” which provides independent housing for veterans in need. These tiny homes are customized to their unique needs, allowing them to create a more stable life for themselves and eventually move into a more traditional home, then allowing them to “pay it forward” by transferring the tiny home to another veteran in need. 

For more information on Operation Tiny Home and how you can help support their mission, click here.


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